Colonies and stopovers of some emblematic species of the Argentine coast

The following table is a compilation of data obtained from scientific publications that describe the presence or provide demographic information on breeding colonies or stopover (feeding or resting) sites for several emblematic species of seabirds and marine mammals, located within the boundaries of the MPAs of the Argentine coast.

  • The total number of individuals or breeding pairs per site is presented in column “N”. This data corresponds to the most recent census described in the scientific literature. The value “n.a.” (not available) describes a gap in knowledge about the number of individuals present.

    This table can be filtered or exported for use for educational or scientific purposes, under the condition of citing the table (see How to cite) and reproducing the sources that reference the scientific publications from which the data originate (Sources field, references in Bibliography).

    How to cite: Fermepin S., Falabella V., Krapovickas S. y G. Harris. 2021. Compilation of demographic data of some emblematic species present in the MPAs of the Argentinean coast. Wildlife Conservation Society. Versión Junio 2021.