Table of conservation status and population data

This section introduces information on the global, regional and national conservation status (according to IUCN criteria), size and population trend, and level of protection of a group of emblematic species of the Argentinean coast and sea.

We intend to maintain updates that allow us to know the evolution of their conservation status and highlight the role of effective MPAs in their protection.


Greater flamingo

(Phoenicopterus chilensis)

Hudsonian godwit

(Limosa haemastica)

Imperial shag

(Leucocarbo atriceps)

La Plata dolphin

(Pontoporia blainvillei)

Magellanic penguin

(Spheniscus magellanicus)

Olrog’s gull

(Larus atlanticus)

Red knot

(Calidris canutus)

Red-legged cormorant

(Poikilocarbo gaimardi)

South American fur seal

(Arctocephalus australis)

South American sea lion

(Otaria flavescens)

Southern elephant seal

(Mirounga leonina)

Southern right whale

(Eubalaena australis)

Southern rockhopper penguin

(Eudyptes chrysocome)

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