Coastal MPA
Punta Rasa
Municipal Nature Reserve

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Punta Rasa is the geographical feature that marks the limit of the Río de la Plata. It is the southern end of Samborombón Bay, within the Municipality of La Costa, 10 km north of the town of San Clemente del Tuyú.

In 1984 the Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina signed an agreement with the Servicio de Hidrografía Naval, dependent on the Argentine Navy, to create an experimental biological station to carry out all kinds of studies related to the biodiversity of the place. In 1991 the area was declared a municipal nature reserve of the Partido de la Costa. The protected natural area is a site of great interest because of its importance for various species of coastal birds.

Geographic Location


Buenos Aires


-36.31° Latitude S

-56.75° Longitude W

Size and Limits

Total Area:


Marine Area:


Continental Area:


Surface area estimated based on the calculation of the area of the polygon represented on the map (ArcGIS PRO) with an Albers Conic Equivalent projection to preserve surface area calculations.

The Punta Rasa Reserve website reports an area of 5.22 km2.

Legal Aspects



Year of Creation


Creation Legislation

Ordinance 1023 / Municipal Decree 380

IUCN Management Category

Marine Area

Continental Area

VI – Área Protegida con Recursos Manejados

International Recognition

Site on the List of Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar, 1997)

Eco-regions represented



Pampa Ecoregion

Conservation Objectives

In 1984 Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina signed an agreement with the Naval Hydrography Service, a unit of the Argentine Navy, to create a biology experimental station for all kinds of research related to the area’s biodiversity. On April 30, 1991, by means of Municipal Ordinance Nº 1023 and Municipal Decree Nº 380, this area is declared a coastal municipal natural reserve.

Specific Objective: Conservation of coastal migratory birds that seasonally arrive at Punta Rasa, and inhabit the coastal channels.

Colonies and stopover sites

The following table presents the colonies or stopover sites of some emblematic species of birds and marine mammals present within the MPA boundaries.


Management effectiveness and evaluation year

Not evaluated

Sources consulted: Management Plan (2003).
Seabird colonies: See Bibliography